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50th anniversary
Always professional
50th anniversary
Made in Spain

Leader in woodworking machinery and tools

Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

The use of the latest technology and the application of strict quality controls during the desing and manufacturing process allows us to present a wide range of machinery for wood: advanced, solid and safe.
Leader in woodworking machinery and tools


EB150 Automatic edgebanding machine

Edgebanding machine with ZeroLine® technology by hot air. Thanks to this technology the banding between ...
FR192VG Trimmer

Light weight designed for several kind of jobs. Provides excellent finishing on laminate trimming. Very ...
ST62 Brush sander

High performance machine designed for satin, polish and ageing of different surfaces. Allows to extract ...
RC421 Hand end trimmer

It provides a clean and exact cut without to damage the panel.It cuts the excess ...
Transport Plus Stackable transport cases

The new range of stackable carrying cases allows to transport several machines at once in ...
SR165 Circular saw

Its powerful motor (1,200 W) allow to cut up to 55 mm. depth, with cutting angle ...
ATB40 Cordless drill/driver

Compact, handy and lightweight cordless drilling and screwing machine for multiple jobs.Fast locking drill chuck. ...


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General catalogue 2019-2020General catalogue 2019-2020PDF
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Woodworking machinery and tools
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