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50th anniversary
Always professional
50th anniversary
Made in Spain

Leader in woodworking machinery and tools

Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

The use of the latest technology and the application of strict quality controls during the desing and manufacturing process allows us to present a wide range of machinery for wood: advanced, solid and safe.
Leader in woodworking machinery and tools


FR129VB Router for fitting hinges

Special router for installation of all kind of hinges on frames and door leaves. Easy ...
EB140 Automatic hot melt edgebander

For tapes up to 3 mm. Easy to adjust, high quality finishing. Touch screen for an easier ...
Scraper Scraper

Provides a professional finish removing the remains of glue or burrs. It can cut in ...
FR356Z Electronic router COMBI

The FR356Z is a convertible multifunction router using different routing and trimming heads. Includes as ...
AB181 Router for connectors

Machine specially designed for trimming the slots to place the OVVO® automatic connectors for assembling ...
RP28 Scraper-Edge trimmer

For trimming the excess of tapes. Provides a professional finish removing the remains of glue ...
EB135 Automatic hot melt edgebander RAPID

Quick start and adjustment. 5 minutes heat up time. Single phase 220-240 V. No compressed air ...
RA17VB Slotting machine

Grooving machine specially designed for slotting wooden doors and windows, for installation of silicon insulating ...
PEB250TRM Glue pot edge bander

Hot melt edgebander with stationary table. For PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or veneer tapes, on ...


EB140 LeafletEB140 LeafletPDF
General catalogue 2016-2017General catalogue 2016-2017PDF
TM33W leafletTM33W leafletPDF
New PEB family leafletNew PEB family leafletPDF
Leaflet EB135 RapidLeaflet EB135 RapidPDF
AB181 LeafletAB181 LeafletPDF
Woodworking machinery and tools
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