Circular saw SR165
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Circular saw

Light and powerful.

Double isolation
Dust collector connection
Chips outlet

Its powerful motor (1,200 W) allow to cut up to 55 mm. depth, with cutting angle adjustable till 45°. Depth cutting and inclination are adjustable with micrometric scale. Equipped with riving knife, paralel guide, saw blade protection and safety against accidental start up. Provided with a dust collector connection.

Double insulation
Input power:
1.200 W
Disc diameter:
165 mm
Cutting depth at 90°:
55 mm
Cutting depth at 45°:
38 mm
No-load speed:
4.700 /min
4,2 Kg

7446879 Support for SR165

Guide for parallel cutting UCP90

Saw blades


8204077 Sleeve

6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 2.25 m*

1746245 Standard dust collector attachment 5 m*

(*) They must be used with the optional sleeve 8204077.

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