Edge trimming set FR256N

Edge trimming set

Double isolation
Progressive starting
Electronic speed control
Dust collector connection
Constant speed through electronic system

This set includes the FR156N edge trimmer and the CA56U trimming head which allows to trimm al the edges of the panel continuosly. The CA56U trimming head has a large support surface and an auxiliary knob. Idela for a trimming work on the panel edge.

Standard equipment

Standard equipment

FR156N edge trimmer, carbide bit r:2 with bearing (1140123), CA56U trimming head (5600060) and carrying case.

Double insulation
Input power:
1000 W
Chuck collet:
8 mm
No-load speed:
14.000-30.000 /min

1222084 Chuck collet 6 mm

1222085 Chuck collet 6.35 mm (1/4”)

6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m

1746245 Standard dust collector attachment 5 m

1140106 HM bit r=3 mm with bearing

1140109 HM bit r=6 mm with bearing

1140110 HM bit r=8 mm with bearing

6399082 Cantspray

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