Rotary orbital sander RTE146L
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Rotary orbital sander

Double isolation
Electronic speed control
Dust collector
Velcro sanding papers
Standard sanding papers

High-performance rotary orbital sanders for high-quality polishing and finishing, ideal in situations where the surface is to be varnished or enamelled. Combines both rotary and orbital movements, leaving surfaces smooth and mark-free. Planing jobs are completed quickly. These sanders have a new dust-protection system and integral dust collection, allowing the use of standard abrasives and plates. The ergonomic design with anti-slip surfaces makes the machines comfortable and efficient to work with. Electronic speed control and plate-braking system, preventing no-load over-acceleration.This model has a 4 mm orbit, for fine and extra-fine sanding jobs, ideal for surfaces to be enamelled.

Double insulation
Input power:
350 W
Disc diameter:
150 mm
No-load speed:
4.000-8.000 /min
Ø orbit:
4 mm
2,6 Kg

4745055 Centering device for sanding paper

6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m

4645010 Pad Ø 150mm  4645093 Hard sanding pad Ø 150 mm (velcro) (included)

4745040 Soft pad Ø 150mm

4745092 Soft sanding pad PUR Ø 150 mm (velcro)



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