Cordless Reciprocating Saw SSB65
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Cordless Reciprocating Saw

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Powerful and versatile cordless reciprocating saw, equipped with a powerful motor.
Multitask tool thanks to the exchange of saw blades and the ability to cut with the blade flexed. Allows you to perform the cutting of frames, aluminium / iron profiles in metalwork, PVC or copper pipes and pruning work such as cutting branches.
Its body can rotate 90° to both sides, making it easy to cut in different positions.
Convenient lock switch for added security. Ergonomic handle with soft-grip coating.
It has electronic speed control and positionable front skid. Quick clamping of the saw blade.
Compatible with batteries BT204 and BT202, which include 4 led battery indicators. Quick charge (1 h).


6500100 SSB65 battery and charger not included

Length of Stroke
26 mm
No-load speed

4068656 Li-Ion battery 20 V 4 Ah BT204
4068657 Li-Ion battery 20 V 2 Ah BT202
4068658 Charger CH80


Reciprocating Saw blades for SSB65

Wood (with nails), pipes and profiles.
6531050 225x19x1.25 mm 4D BIM (Blister 3 pcs)

Wood, plywood, MDF.
6531051 225x19x1.25 mm 4D HCS (Blister 3 pcs)

For fast cuts in wood, pruning of wooden materials.
6531052 240x19x1.5 mm 5D HCS (Blister 3 pcs)

For medium cuts in wood and plywood.
6531053 300x19x1.5 mm 4D HCS (Blister 2 pcs)

For cuts in metal (2-8 mm), pipes and profiles.
6531054 150x19x0.8 mm HSS (Blister 5 pcs)

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