Automatic hot melt edgbander EB140
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Automatic hot melt edgbander

With pre-milling unit

Electronic temperature control
Security switch
Dust collector connection
Reversible knives

With glue pot
With programmable
logic controller (PLC)
With pre-milling unit

For low and high temperature glues.

The EB140 PLC Pre-Milling stands out among its class for its high performance and its reduced size. The EB140 allows a high quality edgebanding. It can band and finish tapes. Fast glue heating. Quick and easy adjustment: it is done thanks to its digital counters and the tactile screen.
Pre-milling double head unit with PCD diamond inserts. It guarantees a perfect grinding of the edge of the panels, providing a perfect lateral surface for endurable edgebanding.
Gluing roller motorized with polymerized coating, which reduces the consumption of glue. Allows to band ABS tapes with 3D and glass effect. Patent pending.

Direct adjustment of the trimming bits and copying devices by digital meters.

Simultaneous adjustment for the tape thickness, the guide and the gluing roller by a single digital meter.

Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.

Trimming unit at 10000/min equipped with adjustable copying devices.

Automatic feeder for tape rolls with pneumatic cutting system.

Equipped with four rubber rollers on the table to ensure a good pressure against the gluing rollers.

Table with antifriction material.

Panel thickness adjustment by digital meter.

Automatic temperature control by the machine during all the working process. After 30 minutes without working the machine pass to stand-by position at 110ºC to avoid the glue can burn.

Panel feeder with wide belt.

Front telescopic table extension with rollers.

Roller holder for rolls up to 590 mm diameter.

Standard equipment

Bits included as standard equipment

8540183 Upper bit Ø 60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
8540184 Lower bit Ø 60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
8540016 Pre-milling bit (left). Specifications in technical characteristics.
8540015 Pre-milling bit (right). Specifications in technical characteristics.

Tape thickness
0,5 - 2 mm
Tape height
45 mm (0,5 a 1 mm)
Tape height
30 mm (0,5-2 mm)
Min/max panel thickness
13/45 mm
Min. panel length (edgebanded surface)
200 mm
Minimum edgebanding width
65 mm
Panel feeder speed
5 m/min
Trimming unit speed
10000 r.p.m.
Trimming bits Ø
60 mm 4Z R2 + 10°
Roller holder capacity
590 mm
Glue pot capacity
1 Kg
Working temperature
120° - 220°C
Feeder motor power
0,37 KW
Trimming unit motor power
0,37 KW
Gluing unit motor power
0,09 KW
Pre-milling depth
0,5-2 mm
Pre-milling height
48 mm (Optional 35 mm)
Pre-milling unit motor power
0,37 kW
280 kg (aprox.)

Optional bits

8540172 Upper bit Ø 60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540173 Lower bit Ø 60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540185 Upper bit Ø 60 Z4, 45° bevel
8540186 Lower bit Ø 60 Z4, 45° bevel



6399082 Cantspray. Silicone free anti-adhesive spray.
8599694 Netspray. Multi-purpose cleaner.
8599611 Lubricating oil 30 ml.
8599634 Container of glue 3 kg

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