Cordless jig saw SCB324
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Cordless jig saw

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Compact and powerful jig saw with brushless motor.
Plastic protection base to protect the used materials.
Practical lock-off switch for higher security. 
Soft grip ergonomic handle.
Electronic speed regulation and pendular system with four positions.
Equipped with saw blade quick changing system which allows to change the saw blade one-handed. 
Resistant tiltable base from 0º to 45º for perfect mitering cuts.
Compatible with batteries BT204 and BT202, which include 4 led battery indicators. Quick charge (1 h).


3400400 SCB324 battery and charger not included

Máx. cutting depth in wood
85 mm
Máx. cutting depth in aluminium
20 mm
Máx. cutting depth in steel
10 mm
No-load speed
2,3 kg

4068656 Li-Ion battery 20 V 4 Ah BT204 
4068657 Li-Ion battery 20 V 2 Ah BT202
4068658 Charger CH80

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