Long-reach drywall sander LPC197
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Long-reach drywall sander

Doppio isolamento
Dispositivo antinterferenze radioelettriche
Regolazione elettronica della velocità
Attacco per aspirazione esterna
Valigetta per il trasporto

Direct drive Brushless motor does not need a flex shaft.

New lighter model, recommended for painters and construction workers sanding walls and ceilings.
Its exceptional ergonomics and balanced weight make the machine very handy and allows you to work on walls or ceilings with great comfort and control.
Direct drive Brushless motor does not need a flex shaft, making it maintenance free. Equipped with electronic speed regulation with display for better adaptation to the surface to be sanded and the abrasive used. With soft start and constant torque throughout the speed range.
Switch equipped with dust protection and located away from the sanding area.
Built-In Half-Moon Door and Edge Cut-Out designed for sanding difficult-to-access surfaces.

Dotazione di serie

Carrying bag and service key.

450 W
Velocità a vuoto
Diametro disco abrasivo
225 mm
1430x254x157 mm
2,8 Kg

8299567 Dust collection pipe

8200600 Compact dust collector


9791123 Disk Gr=24 (10 u.)
9791124 Disk Gr=40 (25 u.)
9791125 Disk Gr=80 (25 u.)
9791126 Disk Gr=120 (25 u.)
9791127 Disk Gr=180 (25 u.)
9791128 Disk Gr=220 (25 u.)
9792001 Mesh Disc Gr=80 (25 u.)
9792002 Mesh Disc Gr=120 (25 u.)
9792003 Mesh Disc Gr=180 (25 u.)
9792004 Mesh Disc Gr=320 (25 u.)

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