Aspirateur AS182K
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Professional vacuum cleaner for dust and liquids, light weight and easily transportable. Ideal for working outside the workshop, also for small jobs. Specially designed for connecting machines and power tools. Thanks to its power it allows to work in more comfortable and safety conditions. Provided with a socket for power tools connection it has a special switch on system which activates the vacuum cleaner when switching on the tool plugged in it, and stops it some seconds later than the tool. Equipped with double pipe connection allowing to connect two machines at once.


Équipement standard


Fourni avec kit accessoires

1- Tube flexible 2 m

2 - Brosse

3 - Buse pour liquides

4 - Buse pour rainures

5 - Brosse aspirateur

6 - Tube

7 - Tube coudé

8 - Buse triangulaire


1.200 W
Capacité cuve:
27 l
Dépres. col. eau. (H2O):
2.200 mm. H2O
Débit air:
170 m³/h
Prise pour outils électriques connexion max.:
1.500 W
Câble long:
8 m
Filtre à poussière spécial
Filtre polyester


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