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50th anniversary
Always professional
50th anniversary
Made in Spain

Leader in woodworking machinery and tools

Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

The use of the latest technology and the application of strict quality controls during the desing and manufacturing process allows us to present a wide range of machinery for wood: advanced, solid and safe.
Leader in woodworking machinery and tools


SC324Y Jig saw

Powerful, high precision professional jig saw equipped with a non slip handle. Clean splinter free ...
PEB250TA Hot melt edgebander with stationary table

With all the features of the PEB250 but with stationary table with frontal guide, rollers ...
CE223X Planer DUO

The DUO planer is a total new concept. Equipped with interchangeable tool holders for helicoidal ...
PD52X Heat gun

The heat gun, with electronic temperature control, features two heat settings to accommodate a wide ...
EB135 Automatic hot melt edgebander RAPID

Quick start and adjustment. 5 minutes heat up time. Single phase 220-240 V. No compressed air ...
PEB250 Hot melt portable edgebander

  Hot melt portable edgebander. For PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or veneer tapes, previously cut to ...


General catalogue 2014-2015General catalogue 2014-2015PDF
TM33W leafletTM33W leafletPDF
EB140 LeafletEB140 LeafletPDF
New PEB family leafletNew PEB family leafletPDF
Leaflet CE223X DUOLeaflet CE223X DUOPDF
Woodworking machinery and tools
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